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Afro Techno Productive Progressivism: A Framework for African Development

Afro Techno Productive Progressivism (ATPP) is a Political and Economic framework.

This framework is designed to propel African states, principalities, nations, and monarchies to their full potential.

ATPP is based around 12 principles geared to create the most fertile environment for African growth, development, and innovation.

Principle 1: Radical Citizen Engagement

ATPP as a framework is built on aggressive and radical stakeholder engagement between citizens and governing bodies. This engagement must be underpinned by technical solutions that make communication possible and consumable.

Both the citizenry and governing bodies should be empowered with solutions and technologies that make engagement meaningful, sincere, and consistent.

For this philosophy to scale it needs sincere engagement, not simply questionnaires that never get answered or read.

Principle 2: Man and Machine Symbiosis

ATPP fully appreciates the need for non-human computational resources.

Sincere engagement between citizens and the state cannot happen without technical resources that make this possible. Therefore, ATPP hyper-prioritizes technical solutions that improve and optimize citizen engagement and better decision making.

Principle 3: Citizen-driven policy and decision making.

ATPP places the citizens of a territory at the center of all decision making.

This centering of the citizenship cannot be lip service. This is not a “for the people by the people” philosophy that sees an upper class enact the will of the people, no ATPP states that it is the people and the people only who can decide their fate.

We do not need a government per se, what we need is an active citizenship that makes decisions for itself.

Principle 4: No Human Suffering

ATPP rejects any policy action or philosophy that promotes human suffering. ATPP places humanity and humane-positive decisions at the core of its beliefs.

ATPP places humanity at the center of its philosophy.

Principle 5: Human Development

ATPP is focused on the development of human potential – you are not what you are, you are what you’re going to be. ATPP believes that all human beings should work towards self-improvement and that societies should never discard any form of human life. ATPP believes in solutions that can radically help humans of all creeds and economic standing manifest their full potential.

Principle 6: No Borders

ATPP rejects Eurocentric and founded borders and believes in the free movement of African citizens across the continent.

Principle 7: Meritocratic and Utilitarian solutions

ATPP believes in choosing the best solutions and strategies that boost long term human longevity and rejects short-term thinking that provide superficial solutions to problems.

Principle 8: Mobility and Freedom of Movement

ATPP believes that mobility and transportation are critical to the development of Africa and all its people.

Principle 9: Nutrition

ATPP believes that dynamic and scientific diets and nutritional schemes are critical to the development of Africa and all its people.

Principle 10: Equity above all else

ATPP does not subscribe to any philosophy that places any peoples above any other in any context.

Principle 11: Radical Female Empowerment

ATPP believes that educating and empowering woman across Africa is a critical priority and the bedrock of an Africa reaching its full potential.

Principle 12: Radical Empathy

ATPP believes in radical empathy as a vehicle for human connection, idea, and policy development and in the implementation of Justice.

One must consider that like all frameworks this approximates the essence of ATPP and should be seen as a guideline for any kind of ATPP implementation.

With the goal of creating a dynamic, economically co-operative continent working towards empowering it’s people and creating a more inclusive and just society. ATPP should be read and seen as a treatise geared towards kickstarting an economic and political revolution underpinned by dynamic technology and radical stakeholder and citizen engagement.

Let’s Build the Future.

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