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Hi My name is Mothei some people call me Roy other’s call me Tatoes and a select few call me Snug Daddy.

This is my website. Thanks for coming by.

I would describe myself as a Tech Entrepreneur, writer, podcaster,  standup comic and visionary. Also i’d describe myself as humble.

My therapist would describe me as hyperactive, curious, creative and loud.

I was Born in Soweto, South Africa and educated at St. John’s College and UCT.

I’ve  spent most of  my career working in technology and media. I was part of the founding team of WumDrop (Acquired by Massmart) and the founding team of Zwiip (Acquired by Kawena).

Outside of tech, I was part of the founding team of one of South Africa’s biggest politics platforms – SMWX. I’ve produced content for some of the biggest names in politics and media, including but not limited to  – Jacob Zuma, Karyn Maughan and Verashni Pillay.

I spend the majority of my time working on financial technology tools, writing absurd novels, spicy essays, podcasting, performing stand-up comedy.

My leisure time is spent  watching the NFL, reading books, trying to find my dog a suitable boyfriend and researching things that make me extra bicurious. I hope you enjoy, if you dont, please let me know what i can improve.

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